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Persona 5R Joker Plush

Persona 5R Joker Plush
Persona 5R Joker Plush
Persona 5R Joker Plush
Persona 5R Joker Plush
Persona 5R Joker Plush


Please place your orders by 15.03.2024

Official European release and tested to EU and UKCA Toy safety.

French and Italian labeling requirements for sale in these countries.

Joker isn't your typical high school student; beneath his calm demeanor lies a cunning and resourceful leader. As the leader of the Phantom Thieves, he navigates the metaverse with a blend of intelligence, courage, and unwavering resolve. His ability to evoke change and inspire his allies makes him a figure of admiration and respect among his companions.

Embrace the thrilling world of Persona 5R and welcome Joker into your life with this captivating plush, bringing the spirit of rebellion and justice right into your home!

  • Size approx: full body 30cm, sitting 22cm.
  • Weight approx: 170g
  • Made in China

CuteForme plushes have just got even better. They are made more sustainably.

This plush is made with recycled polyester and the plastic pellets are made from recycled plastic.

The plastic bag is made from recycled plastic bags and the plastic hook is replaced with a card hanger.

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